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25-Apr-17ValueAct Capital and Stanford UniversityAlex Baum, David Robert Hale, Mason Morfit, David Larcker, Brian TayanAn activist view of CEO compensation Click here
27-Mar-17University of Toronto - Rotman School of ManagementWuyang Zhao & Yu Ting Forester WongPost-apocalyptic: The real consequences of activist short selling Click here
23-Feb-17Yale Law JournalLeo StrineWho bleeds when the wolves bite?: a flesh-and-blood perspective on hedge fund activism and our strange corporate governance system Click here
27-Jan-17Osgoode Legal StudiesAnita Anand and Andrew MihalikCoordination and monitoring in changes of control: the controversial role of 'wolf packs' in capital markets Click here
01-Dec-16Stockholm School of EconomicsLaurent Bach and Daniel MetzgerAre shareholder votes rigged? Click here
01-Nov-16University of North Carolina and Northeastern UniversityNicole Boyson, Nickolay Gantchev, Anil ShivdasaniActivism mergers Click here
19-Oct-16University of Toronto, Rotman School of Management, AccountingWuyang ZhaoActivist short selling Click here
16-Sep-16Columbia Law SchoolJohn CoffeePreserving the corporate superego in a time of activism: an essay on ethics and economics Click here
05-Aug-16Theoretical Economics LettersIragavarapu SridharCorporate governance and shareholder activism in India —theoretical perspective Click here
01-Jul-16Credit SuisseCredit SuisseThe activism agenda: What are activist investors looking for? Click here
15-Jun-16European Corporate Governance InstituteWenyu Wang and Eitan GoldmanWeak governance by informed large shareholders Click here
27-May-16National Bureau of Economic ResearchAlon Brav, Wei Jiang, Song Ma, Xuan TianHow Does Hedge Fund Activism Reshape Corporate Innovation? ($) Click here
12-Apr-16Heng Ren PartnersPeter HalesworthChinese “squeeze outs” in American stock markets and the need to protect U.S. investors Click here
07-Mar-16Harvard Business SchoolShane GoodwinThe long-term efficacy of activist directors Click here
31-Dec-15Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas CityRaluca RomanInvestor activism effects in banking: Is activism beneficial for bank shareholders, creditors, and the public? Click here
08-Dec-15Kellogg InsightJayanthi Sunder, Shyam Sunder and Wan WongsunwaiWho else is affected by activist investors? Click here
30-Nov-15Global Proxy SolicitationMurray Williams and Andrew ThainWill activist investing awaken the sleeping giants? (Australia) Click here
19-Nov-15FTI Consulting & Activist InsightFTI Consulting & Activist InsightThe Shareholder Activists' View: Part 1 Click here
19-Nov-15FTI Consulting & Activist InsightFTI Consulting & Activist InsightThe Shareholder Activists' View: Part 2 Click here
11-Nov-15Schulte Roth & Zabel's Shareholder Activism in the UK conference: Activist Insight presentationActivist InsightShareholder activism in the UK Click here
23-Oct-15Social sciences research networkThomas Bourveau and Jordan SchoenfeldShareholder Activism and Voluntary Disclosure Click here
21-Oct-15Social sciences research networkNicole Boyson (Northeastern University), Nickolay Gantchev and Anil Shivdasani (University of North Carolina)Activism mergers Click here
14-Oct-15Hadiye Aslan, Georgia State University and Praveen Kumar, University of HoustonHadiye Aslan, Praveen KumarThe Product Market Effects of Hedge Fund Activism Click here
14-Oct-15Activist InsightActivist InsightPresentation at the 2015 Schulte Roth & Zabel Shareholder Activism Conference. Click here
30-Sep-15Review of Financial EconomicsJing Cheng (University at Buffalo) & Michael J. Jung (NYU)Activist Hedge Funds and Firm Disclosure Click here
22-Sep-15Norton Rose FulbrightTawfik Hammond, Vinay Shandal, Peter Buzzi, Didar Pahar, Orestes Pasparakis, Walied Soliman, Andrea BrewerBeyond governance A Canadian perspective on preempting activism through value creation Click here
10-Sep-15Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas CityRaluca A. RomanInvestor Activism Effects in Banking: Is Activism Beneficial for Bank Shareholders, Creditors, and the Public? Click here
05-Sep-15Otto Beisheim School of Management, Concordia UniversityBarbara Voussem, Utz Schaffer, Denis SchweizerTop Management Turnover Under the Influence of Activist Investors Click here
04-Sep-15Columbia Law School, Rutgers Business SchoolJohn Coffee, Darius PaliaThe Wolf at the Door: The Impact of Hedge Fund Activism on Corporate Governance Click here
14-Aug-15R Street InstituteBernard S. SharfmanActivist Hedge Funds in a World of Board Independence: Creators or Destroyers of Long-Term Value? Click here
02-Aug-15Case Western Reserve University, University of San Diego School of Law, Vanderbilt University - Law SchoolC.N.V. Krishnan, Frank Partnoy, Randall S. ThomasTop Hedge Funds: The Importance of Reputation in Shareholder Activism Click here
01-Aug-15The University of Texas at DallasShane GoodwinCorporate Governance and Hedge Fund Activism Click here
11-Jun-15R Street InstituteBernard S. SharfmanA Theory of Shareholder Activism and Its Place in Corporate Law Click here
01-Jun-15University of North CarolinaNickolay Gantchev, Chotibhak JotikasthiraHedge Fund Activists: Do They Take Cues from Institutional Exit? Click here
19-May-15Activist Insight OnlineActivist InsightActivist Investing in Europe: An analysis by Activist Insight Click here
18-May-15University of Washington, Villanova UniversityMatthew Denes, Jonathan Karpoff, Dr. Victoria McWilliamsThirty Years of Shareholder Activism: A Survey of Empirical Research Click here
30-Apr-15Columbia Law School, University of Virginia School of Law, Vanderbilt UniversityGeeyoung Min, Hye Young You,Active Firms and Active Shareholders: Corporate Political Activity and Shareholder Proposals Click here
20-Apr-15Pepperdine University School of LawRobert Anderson IVThe Long and Short of Corporate Governance Click here
25-Mar-15University of San Diego School of LawFrank PartnoyU.S. Hedge Fund Activism Click here
02-Mar-15Université Libre de Bruxelles, London Business School, Bocconi UniversityMarco Becht, Julian Franks, Jeremy Grant, Hannes WagnerThe Returns to Hedge Fund Activism: An International Study Click here
27-Jan-15Chicago-Kent College of LawSeth OranburgA Little Birdie Said: How Twitter Is Disrupting Shareholder Activism Click here
01-Jan-15Seattle University School of LawDiane Lourdes DickGrassroots Shareholder Activism in Large Commercial Bankruptcies Click here
15-Dec-14King's College London, The Dickson Poon School of LawDionysia KatelouzouA Leximetric Approach to Comparative Corporate Governance: The Case of Hedge Fund Activism Click here
01-Dec-14Harvard Law SchoolLucian Bebchuk, Alon Brav, Wei JiangThe Long-Term Effects of Hedge Fund Activism Click here
01-Dec-14Duke University, Columbia Business School, Indiana UniversityAlon Brav, Wei Jiang, Song Ma, Xuan TianShareholder Power and Corporate Innovation: Evidence from Hedge Fund Activism Click here
14-Nov-14Institute for Governance of Private and Public OrganizationsYvan AllaireDoes Hedge Fund 'Activism' Create Long Term Shareholder Value? Click here
05-Nov-14Activist InsightActivist InsightActivism in Europe, October 2014 Click here
15-Sep-14Columbia Law School, Rutgers Business SchoolJohn Coffee, Darius PaliaThe Impact of Hedge Fund Activism: Evidence and Implications Click here
14-Sep-14Oklahoma State University, Spears School of BusinessShane Goodwin, Akshay Singh, Walter Slipetz, Ramesh P. RaoMyopic Investor Myth Debunked: The Long-Term Efficacy of Shareholder Advocacy in the Boardroom Click here
16-Jul-14Institute for Governance of Private and Public OrganizationsYvan Allaire, Francois Dauphin'Activist' Hedge Funds: Creators of Lasting Wealth? What Do the Empirical Studies Really Say? Click here
01-Jul-14Ohio State University, Bocconi University, ESADE University Faculties, Tufts UniversityPaul RoseSovereign Shareholder Activism: How SWFs Can Engage in Corporate Governance Click here
19-Mar-14Brock University, McMaster University, Shanghai University of Finance and EconomicsZhongzhi Lawrence He, Jiaping Qiu, Tingfeng TangHedge Fund Activism and Corporate Innovation Click here
01-Mar-14Leonard N. Stern School of Business, New York UniversityBarbara Katz, Joel OwenAn Evaluation of Shareholder Activism Click here
17-Jan-14Universite du Luxembourg, New York UniversityAlexandros SeretakisHedge Fund Activism Coming to Europe? Lessons from the American Experience Click here
28-Dec-13Concordia University, Zeppelin UniversityDenis Schweizer, Mark MietznerHedge Funds versus Private Equity Funds as Shareholder Activists in Germany – Differences in Value Creation Click here
01-Nov-13Duke UniversityHeqing ZhuThe Preventive Effect of Hedge Fund Activism Click here
01-Oct-13CitigroupA. Khorana, E. Hoover, A. Shivdasani, G. Sigurdsson, M. ZhangRising Tide of Global Shareholder Activism Click here
23-Sep-13University of Wisconsin, San Diego State UniversityMaria Goranova, Lori Verstegen RyanShareholder Activism: A Multidisciplinary Review Click here
01-Sep-13Harvard Law SchoolLucian BebchukThe Myth that Insulating Boards Serves Long-Term Value Click here
20-Feb-13Harvard Law SchoolYaron NiliMissing the Forest for the Trees: A New Approach to Shareholder Activism Click here

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