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Please find below links to some of our sample reports which we hope you will find of interest. If you are looking for information on a particular subject then please contact us.

2017 IssuesTo view Activist Insight Monthly 2017 issues, please contact us at info@activistinsight.com
15-Dec-15 Activism Monthly Lite: December 2015
17-Nov-15 Activism Monthly Lite: November 2015
14-Oct-15 Activism Monthly Lite: October 2015
15-Sep-15 Activism Monthly Lite: September 2015
13-Aug-15 Activism Monthly Lite: August 2015
17-Jun-15 Activism Monthly Lite: June 2015
17-May-15 Activism Monthly Lite: May 2015
23-Apr-15 Activism Monthly Lite: April 2015
17-Mar-15 Activism Monthly Lite: March 2015
26-Jan-15 The Activist Insight Activist Investing Annual Review 2015 in association with SRZ
18-Dec-14 Activism Monthly Lite: December 2014
19-Nov-14 Activism Monthly Lite: November 2014
21-Oct-14 Activism Monthly Premium: Canada Special
16-Oct-14 Activism Monthly Lite: October 2014
16-Sep-14 Activism Monthly Lite: September 2014
12-Aug-14 Activism Monthly Lite: August 2014; Half Year Review in association with Olshan
17-Jul-14 Activism Monthly Lite: July 2014
10-Jul-14 Activism Monthly Premium: July 2014 (Sample Edition)
05-Jun-14 Activism Monthly Lite: June 2014
15-May-14 Activism Monthly Lite: May 2014
11-Apr-14 Activism Monthly Lite: April 2014
10-Mar-14 Activism Monthly Premium: March 2014 (Sample Edition)
11-Feb-14 Activism Monthly: February 2014
27-Jan-14 The Activist Insight Activist Investing Annual Review 2014 in association with SRZ
05-Dec-13 Activism Monthly: December 2013 - Banking on Activism
07-Nov-13 Activism Monthly: November 2013 - Hardening attitudes of directors invite activism
08-Oct-13 Activism Monthly: October 2013 - Q3 Review
05-Sep-13 Activism Monthly: September 2013 - The difficult second quarter
07-Aug-13 Activism Monthly: August 2013 - Activism could be good for your health
12-Jul-13 Activism Monthly: July 2013 - Q2 Review
07-Jun-13 Activism Monthly: Activist Index trumps market in first quarter
09-May-13 Activism Monthly: Activists leaving companies in good shape
10-Apr-13 Activism Monthly: April 2013 - Q1 Review
08-Mar-13 Activism Monthly: March 2013 - M&A facilitates 32% of activist exits since 2010
05-Feb-13 Activism Monthly: February 2013 - Icahn vs. Ackman: Tale of the Tape
18-Jan-13 Special Report: Shareholder Activism Review 2012
07-Jan-13 Activism Monthly: January 2013 - A Review of Shareholder Activism in 2012
04-Dec-12 Activism Monthly: December 2012 - 40% of Activists seek Board Representation
07-Nov-12 Activism Monthly: November 2012 - Activism Outperforms

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